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With over 20 years of experience, our founder, Barbara Berdou, has led Berdou Attorneys to tremendous growth throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Barbara has extensive experience in International Intellectual Property Law, with a strong background in legal practice in South Africa and has grown a reliable global legal network to ensure your intellectual property and commercial legal service needs are met.

Additionally, as a member of various international legal groups and committees, our clients benefit from Barbara’s depth of experience in the international arena, tapping into a reliable worldwide legal network and knowledgeable partners that are up to date on international trends.

Berdou Attorneys are your Intellectual Property Specialists in South Africa. Connecting you locally; protecting you globally.

Why Berdou Attorneys?

We listen to our clients, and give advice taking into account both the legal and economic context for best possible outcomes.

As a trusted firm operating under South African law, we offer personalised, skilled, efficient services and end-to-end solutions for our clients’ various Intellectual Property needs.

Our talented, highly-skilled team has extensive knowledge and experience with Intellectual Property Offices and Institutions around the World.    

Our flexibility, competitive rates and accessibility provides our clients with a depth of experience, thorough advice, maintenance and litigation services in the fields of Trademark, Copyright, Designs and Patents.

Whether you are a private individual, start-up entrepreneur, small, medium or large business, our values and approach enables us to advise, manage, enforce and protect your Intellectual Property rights across many sectors, Worldwide.

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Berdou Attorneys aims to be the most responsive, competent, client-centric, and cost-efficient IP legal practice in sub-Saharan Africa.


Friendly, Straightforward, Skillful, Accessible, Deft, Extraordinary

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